Journey So far - September 2021

Journey So far - September 2021

Read states of Berry React and what will be next for Oct-2021

Berry React is getting stronger month by month. As we said from the start, Berry is our long-run project. And we've been keeping our promise from the very beginning. Our team is working hard on Berry to maintain a strong connection with our customer base.

Here, we have updates for Berry till September 2021.

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Full Stack React Berry Pro by AppSeed


The special shoutout for Berry React Full Stack version which was released on AppSeed platform in the month of Sept. The commercial Berry version unlocks the access to all API servers like NodeJS, Flask, Django made by AppSeed.


Berry's popularity has been growing over the past few months, and the numbers of users, sales and stars it received from GitHub is growing day by day. Below is the real states of Berry react.


Berry got a huge spike in terms of sales conversion in last quarter. It stands in the top 5 most selling material react admin templates in MUI store . (i.e. previously Material-UI)

  • Selling percentage
  • Standard License (i.e 38%)
  • Standard Plus (i.e 56%)
  • Extended License (i.e. 6%)

Google Analytics

Based upon Google Analytics, The numbers of users are doubled in month by month. In September the Free version of Berry is live on MUI store and that is the only reason Berry got a huge spike in the month of Sept.


Github Analytics

September is the great month of Berry open source React GitHub repository. Number of visits + clone is almost triple compared to the October month.

  • Stars - 271
  • Fork - 90


MUI blog hit 50K

As you might know Material-UI is now MUI with the new release of v5. The latest MUI v5 has better features than the previous version, but it doesn't mean that the public at large knows about it. For that reason I published “Material-UI is now MUI” on the community. It almost hit 50K on the very first day. Users share the love on multiple social platforms like Twitter and Reddit.


Free Version added in MUI store

In September - we’ve published the Berry Free React Dashboard Template on MUI store . The Berry Free version got many downloads from the store.


Berry Reviews

Till September Berry has 4.82/5 ratings. We were very thankful to all customers for their feedback and reviews. This gives us the motivation for our journey.



We are following our strict guidelines for resolution of Tickets. In September we got 23 Tickets and 90% solved within a day timeframe. That’s awesome.


What will be released next?

Following our RoadMap - We’ve decided to release the next update in October having the following features.

  • MUI v5.0.1 - Berry is now supports the stable MUI v5.0.1 version.
  • Kanban - A full featured Kanban board with Drag and Drop features and Backlog (user story, task).
  • Authentication Flow - While following the feedback from customers we have simplified the Auth flow of JWT, Firebase authentication method. That really makes sense to use the Authentication without spending much time on it.
  • React router 6.x.x beta



We'll regularly put effort into the planning of our roadmap, by following the latest trends and we will take consideration from our customers and the community. Adding below features in Roadmap

  • AWS amplify authentication
  • Organization tree
  • Redux Saga
  • Improvement in Figma Design Resources

Support MUI


The community is working hard to keep the MUI as best as possible. It's our responsibility to support MUI open source projects. Doing so, CodedThemes is one of the Bronze sponsors via Open collective.