Year Wrap up 2021 - February Edition

Year Wrap up 2021 - February Edition

Read what's we have done in year 2021, new updates, roadmap and introducing new product

Berry is now full featured react template with all new v3.1.x updates. Where the February release brings major code quality and performance upgrade. This is the most interesting update ever in Berry with having demanding feature from customer, new improvements to it as well. I am sure you will love it.

Here, we have updates for Berry till February 2022.

Table of content

  • Major performance improvements
  • New Features
  • Roadmap
  • Analytics
  • Berry Reviews
  • Support Tickets
  • Berry Full Stack Out Now
  • Introducing New Product - Mantis
  • Support MUI

Performance Improvement

Performance of berry has been improved drastically. Berry is always good in performance but this release will provide you super sonic speed in development as well. "Thinking what we did to achieve it?"

The major thing that has been done, is to set conditional rendering thought project. React is smart enough to load component only when needed. so we take a benefit of that. we set many condition in code which ensure to render component only when needed. You will see results when you download it.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 093428.png

Another thing is to make use of useMemo() hook of react hook whenever possible. useMemo() hook memorized component and render only if changed.

Other Features

  • Next JS version
  • Organization Chart (request from the Customer "Oleg K.")
  • Redux toolkit
  • AWS Amplify login (request from the Customer "Johnny S.")
  • Mega Menu
  • Add Invoice page
  • Add more SaaS pages like - Privacy Policy and FAQ (suggestion from Dillon P.)
  • Image upload
  • Package upgrades
  • Fix most possible security vulnerabilities of Package.
  • Bug Fixes


We'll regularly put effort into the planning of our roadmap, by following the latest trends and we will take consideration from our customers and the community. Adding below features in Roadmap

  • New landing page
  • Invoice generator
  • Multiple Layouts (Horizontal, vertical etc)
  • File manager app
  • More SAAS page
  • More Tables


Here is the 2021 year wrap-up statistics of Berry React. Berry got really good numbers in all areas like Traffic, Sales, Reputation, Community build up. Following is the statistics which proves Berry itself.


Berry stands good numbers in terms of sales in 2021. We sold almost 550+ license in combine of 2 quarters. Currently it appear as a top 3 most selling material react admin templates in MUI store.

Google Analytics


Over 68K+ users landed on Berry website and it steadily growing month by month.

Github Analytics


Berry open source repository is perform best in 2021.

  • 1.5K Average Daily Views
  • 1.5K Monthly Clones through GitHub.
  • Stars - 530
  • Fork - 270
  • 10 Issues Resolved

Berry Reviews


Berry has secured 4.93/5 average ratings. We were very thankful to all customers for their feedback and reviews.

Berry Full Stack By Appseed


We are happy to announce the new Berry Full Stack React version with having support of Backend Servers like Node JS, Flask and Django.

Preview | Berry Full Stack | Appseed

What's new in Kitchen?

Mantis React


We are pleased to announce new product for MUI store exclusively. We name it as 'Mantis'. mantis is combination of Ant design and Material-UI. We try to provide aesthetic of Ant with power of MUI components. Mantis has been developed by keeping enterprise in mind but its not limited to that. You will get all feature that help in enterprise product as well normal site.

Check MIT version -

Do not forgot to Support Mantis by giving stars.

Support MUI


The community is working hard to keep the MUI as best as possible. It's our responsibility to support MUI open source projects. Doing so, CodedThemes is one of the Bronze sponsors via Open collective.